At USA Payroll we are dedicated to providing quality products and services beyond what you would expect from a payroll service company.



...we know how much time payroll managers spend on payroll management and directing employee affairs. We work with you to give you your time back so that you can return to your more important responsibilities. With us, you can rest easy knowing everything is in compliance with federal and state tax regulations.


We work with business owners and payroll managers to reduce compliance risk and manage time through comprehensive workforce management solutions. Specialties include payroll and tax services, workforce benefit solutions, insurance services, employee benefit services, payroll timekeeping, human resources, and third-party administration. If this is important or interesting to you, please contact us and we can discuss feasibility, potential business return, and if USA Payroll Inc. is the best fit for your organization.

Payroll and Tax Services

Our payroll processing and tax management system, Evolution Payroll, ensures that your employees’ paychecks are accurate and delivered on time. The system is continuously updated by tax professionals to ensure compliance with state, federal, local tax rates, tax brackets, and statutory limits. Evolution Payroll saves payroll managers time by automating the entire payroll process, including direct deposit, reporting, employee self service, labor distribution, and much more.


Insurance Services

We offer Workers’ Compensation and New York State Disability Insurance to help employers maintain New York State compliance. As mandated by NYS law, these insurance plans protect you from financial risk by enabling you to pay wage replacements and medical benefits to an employee who has acquired an injury or illness on or outside the job. By delivering a portion of their income, you help employees maintain financial security until they can safely return to work.



Automatic timekeeping reduces labor costs, saves administration time, eliminates human error, provides accurate records that meet compliance, and takes the headache out of managing employee data. Once you sign on for our comprehensive payroll services, you have the option to include our payroll timekeeping services through Swipeclock. Swipeclock offers a range of timekeeping systems, from simple to sophisticated, such as a web clock, Timeworks Mobile, card swipe, fingerprint reader, and more. All time clock data, including time-off requests, time cards, and location of mobile punch, is automatically imported to our payroll database.


Human Resources

A cloud-based human capital management system enables employers to seamlessly manage employee affairs from one location. This system, Evolution Advanced HR, eases the demands placed on the HR department without neglecting employee needs. The system allows you to manage recruiting, hiring, employee benefits, company news, and much more all from a single sign-on. The employee self-service feature enables employees to request time off, check benefits and deductions, view compensation, track time, print W2s, and more, saving you significant time while retaining employee loyalty.


Third-Party Administration (TPA)

Third-party administration saves you time by managing your employees’ retirement account records on your behalf. Once we have you enrolled in our comprehensive payroll processing services, we can automatically send your employees’ retirement account information, such as amount of deductions, contributions, company match, outstanding 401 (k) loans, etc., directly to the 401 (k) payroll administrators. If you don’t already have a 401 (k) plan set up for your employees, we can help you get the process started.


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Featured Clients & Testimonials

Chateau at Heritage Square

The Chateau at Heritage Square features 57 independent living apartments up to 1400 square feet with features such as a walkout patio or a high profile panoramic view of the beautiful countryside and 36 medical concierge studios featuring specific designs for those adults that require additional physical support services. We have found the interactivity of a younger independent active community with our assisted living residents benefits both and promotes a more active, vibrant, and healthy lifestyle among all of our residents.

I just wanted to say how pleased we are with USA Payroll, and our payroll rep., Katie, in particular. Quick with any reports needed or last minute changes that I request. She handles it all efficiently and competently. I never have to worry. I have been approached by other payroll companies to try their services, but won't even consider it. Why mess with a good thing? Thanks again Katie!

Cathy O'Neil, Rainbow International & Tymas Enterprises, LLC

I do want to say that working with Shaunna has been a HUGE pleasure. She is timely, quick to respond, accurate and always diligent. She is the reason why I stick with USA Payroll. I know I'm a small client, but she makes me feel valued.

Felicia Zimmermann - Z Sport

I have interacted with USA Payroll since March 2000. Seventeen years can go by pretty quickly when you are working with an organization that never hiccups!

I had worked with the ‘big’ payroll companies before being introduced to USA Payroll and thought I needed them for their breadth and depth of services. I had no idea how wrong that mindset was. Fortunately, my boss knew the value of USA Payroll and wouldn’t consider letting me replace them – and it wasn’t long before I understood why.

Edward A. HanchettequaTEK Interactive, Inc.

Working with USA Payroll provides me with peace of mind! Their specialists are on top of every detail to ensure my payroll is timely and effortless. And as each new year brings to light new rules and regulations, especially when it comes to health insurance, I rely on their team to help me understand what I need to do to keep my employee benefit programs current.

Susan Cicione - Miller Brick Company

As you know, the Van Bortel Group prides itself on providing the highest customer satisfaction. We are very grateful to our customers for choosing to come to us. We feel that the reason they come to us is because they know that we provide world class service to every customer that walks through our doors.

The reason we do business with USA Payroll is because I get that WORLD CLASS SERVICE from Jennifer and Lisa, they never make me feel like I bother them with my requests (believe me, I request a lot) they always go above and beyond.

I get many requests from other payroll companies to give them an opportunity to showcase their product, I have never entertained that idea because I value good customer service.

Fran Butera, General ManagerVan Bortel Group