With over 3 decades of combined payroll expertise, we set out to start our own payroll company with one goal in mind: to become a premier provider of payroll, payroll tax services and other related services.

Company Profile

At USA Payroll Inc., we know how much time payroll managers spend on payroll management and directing employee affairs. We work with you to give you your time back so that you can return to your more important responsibilities. With us, you can rest easy knowing everything is in compliance with federal and state tax regulations.

We work with payroll managers to reduce compliance risk and manage time through workforce management solutions. Our clients receive a hands-on approach and full education to use our payroll technology to their best advantage, as well as courteous, detailed customer support whenever it’s needed. As a non-publicly traded company, we answer first to our clients. Our clients are called by first name and each client is considered our VIP.

How Did Our Payroll Company Start?  

Driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Ralph Fornuto with 9 years in the payroll industry and Jim Williams with 13 began their own company, headquartered in Rochester, NY, in 1994. They sought to become a premier provider of payroll management, payroll tax services, and other related services. As they took control of their occupational future, they discovered technology that was under-utilized by the main players in the industry. This cutting-edge technology fueled the start of what became USA Payroll Inc.

The technology had unlimited deduction fields and general ledger entries as well as the ability to interact with 401 (k) files and work in conjunction with related applications. Eventually, USA Payroll’s technology was bought by a competitor, which provided credibility that the software truly worked and helped spur the start-up company’s success. In the first year, USA Payroll Inc. gained well over 100 clients.  

In the fall of 2005, Fornuto began a partnership with friend and fellow payroll colleague John Schmitz. Since Schmitz had several years of experience in the industry, it was the perfect opportunity to expand the company out-of-state. An additional location for USA Payroll arose in Atlanta, Georgia. In the summer of 2006, business broker Shawn Knapp created a third location in Orlando, Florida. The locations continue to share support, technology, ideas for improvement, and future planning.

In the following years, USA Payroll gained loyal clients from a wide range of industries. The company continues to grow by addressing client pain points that larger payroll companies often overlook. Today USA Payroll Inc. boasts over 4,300 clients from all over the country.

Innovative Technology for Payroll Employee-Employer Lifecycle Management

Today our software features a single database for payroll and HR. Features within the HR system include applicant tracking, employee onboarding, benefits enrollment, administrator and employee dashboards, and employee lifecycle event tracking to name a few. The goal is to provide a strong employee management tool that’s easily implemented and maintained. Our single sign-on capability with Swipeclock allows for easy integration with automated time and attendance. Our services are scalable, ensuring we save clients time, money, and resources.

“We fully embrace the advantages that technology provides to our industry. The single database we use to assist HR is well-positioned to meet the next phase of technology in our industry.” ~ Ralph Fornuto, President

Meet Our Dedicated Payroll Staff

Our management staff goes above and beyond what it takes to make the client experience exceptional. A payroll specialist is always available to help you, answer questions, address your needs, and make sure you understand the entire payroll process. We promise to respond to client calls within two hours. As a member of the American Payroll Association, most of our employees are certified payroll professionals. From the friendly receptionist that answers the phone to the detail-oriented payroll specialist, our staff is here for you.

“We have built our company on the quality of service we’re able to offer our clients. That’s what separates us from our competition.” ~ Ralph Fornuto, President

Thank you to all our long-standing, onboarding, and prospective clients for your support and trust in USA Payroll Inc. We continue to strive for excellence in everything we do by exceeding client expectations. Our loyal clients are our motivation to maintain excellent services now and into the future.


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Services Offered

Payroll & Payroll Tax Services
Human Resources
Full Electronic Services
Workers’ Compensation – Exact Pay
NYS Disability Insurance
Web-based Payroll – Evolution
Payroll Debit Cards
FSA Administration
Health & Dental Insurance Services
Time and Attendance Solutions
Pre-Employment Screening
Employee Assistance Program
Employee Portal

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