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As a business owner, do you feel overwhelmed trying to handle Human Resource Management (HRM) in-house? Where do you find the time to handle employee needs and requests, keep track of the hiring and training process, update the employee handbook, and a variety of other HR-related tasks?

You deserve the privilege of focusing on your own job responsibilities – increasing sales to maintain and grow your business. Outsourcing human resource management can help you save time, create a healthy work culture, stay compliant on all employee-related regulations, and position your company to embrace the next phase of growth.

What is the Role of Human Resources (HR)?

The human resource department takes care of your workforce when your duties prohibit you from doing so. Most business owners have a general sense of what human resource management is, but few truly grasp the full scope of HRM responsibilities.

Human resource management is responsible for an organization’s smooth operation. They take care of managing employee affairs including recruiting, onboarding, training, nurturing, coordinating employee events, getting families involved, and even organizing non-profit charities or events. HR professionals offer information, answer employee questions, install helpful tools, refine company processes, perform administrative duties, and offer advice on legal issues. All company procedures that affect your employees fall under the HR umbrella.

Don’t want to lose your top talent? HR also helps you retain and develop your best employees so they stay with your company for the long haul. They guide employees to ensure their best interest and the good of the company.

An HR professional likely handles at least one aspect of every employee’s job every day. They may feel consumed by a mountain of small tasks. Outsourcing some HR function helps your HR department save time while maintaining compliance to employee regulations so that they’re better equipped to run your company efficiently.

Once you’re enrolled in our comprehensive payroll services, you’re eligible to add on our professional human resource department as your solution to complete human capital management. To make managing your workforce easier than ever, we integrate a revolutionary tool called Evolution Advanced HR.

What is Evolution Advanced HR?

Evolution Advanced HR is a cloud-based human capital management system designed to ease the demands placed on HR, while instantly providing information to employees. With this software tool, employees can request time away from work, check benefits and deductions, view compensation, track time, print W-2s, and much more.

Evolution Advanced HR seamlessly integrates payroll, timekeeping, and employee benefits administration by creating an efficient, one-step process for managing payroll. The software is especially suited for the recruiting process, employee self-service, performance tracking, corporate and social communications, and benefits administration.

Product Features

  • Recruiting

    Sick of wasting time trying to recruit top talent? You can automate the entire process to help you win back your time. Once you post job openings to the online applicant website, the centralized requisition dashboard on our HR software immediately sends you an update whenever someone applies for a position. You can easily compare applicant scores, qualifications, and interview notes all in one place.

  • Applicant Tracking

    Do you have a specific new hire in mind? You can search the applicant database for certain skills. Stay up-to-date on how an applicant is moving through the recruiting process by monitoring and tracking their progress. You have the ability to create tailored job descriptions and refine the application process at any time by creating custom job application questions, email templates, and more.

  • Onboarding

    The onboarding process for new employees is completely automated to help your company save time. You can create any number of onboarding tasks for new hires, which your HR department can monitor from the administrative onboarding dashboard. The platform automatically sends new employees all of the documentation they need to be hired, including electronically signed consent, W-4 and I-9 Forms, direct deposit elections, etc. New employees can complete all their information online to help eliminate paper processing.


  • Employee Self-Service (ESS) Dashboard

    Say goodbye to those old paper personal files! HR online means your HR personnel can manage all employment-related information such as disciplinary matters, training, certifications and licenses, education, performance, and much more, all from any digital device. In addition, instead of sending requests to HR, employees can personally update their own profile, tax withholdings, direct deposit accounts, and password. They can also access company announcements, documents, important links to related websites, their pay stubs, PTO balance, and benefits enrollment. They can even report a life event on the same dashboard.

  • Performance Tracking

    Your HR department can track the performance of each employee by scheduling review dates (yearly, semi-annually, 90-day, quarterly, etc.) and making sure they are completed. Employees are automatically updated on upcoming performance reviews in the ESS dashboard and their results are recorded along with any supporting documentation.

  • Corporate Communication

    Keep everyone in your organization on the same page! You can communicate company announcements to the entire organization, including administrators, managers, and employees, or send individualized messages to certain employees or departments. You can send emails, alerts, and reminders to keep everyone updated on time-sensitive data, activities in the company, or items pending approval.


  • Social Collaboration

    Bridge the gap between management and employees. Company-wide personnel can set up groups and discussions, collaborate on documents, share information with each other, and view real-time activity.

  • Benefits Administration

    Forget paper enrollment forms! Your HR department can save significant time on benefits administration with our ESS dashboard. Employees can view available benefits (medical, dental, and vision) and enroll themselves using the step-by-step enrollment wizard. They can easily look up complex eligibility rules, waiting periods, open enrollment benefit elections, multiple plan options, and other unique plan features, all on their own.

  • Additional Features Included with Evolution Advanced HR:

    • Assign and Manage Training Classes
    • Extensive Reporting Capabilities
    • Track Certifications and Licenses
    • Certification and Licensees Tracking
    • Audit Capabilities
    • Responsive Design
    • Intuitive Design and Dashboards
    • OSHA Incident Recording
    • Employee Asset Management
    • Import and Export Utilities

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Resource Products & Services

USA Payroll offers the following Human Resource Products & Services:
  • Background Screening Services
  • Compliance Posters
  • Drug Testing Services
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Employee Handbooks
  • HR Audits
  • Human Resource Administration System – myHRAdmin
  • HR Consulting
  • HR Seminars & Training
  • Job Descriptions
  • New Hire Packets
  • On-Site HR Specialist Support
  • State Unemployment Insurance Management Services

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