Evolution from USA Payroll is a revolutionary Windows based system that utilizes a multi-tier structure for one of the fastest, most powerful and most reliable payroll applications on the market.



Featuring enhanced database and communications security, its design provides quick access to all data elements, eliminates updating conflicts and ensures consistency to your payroll data.

Eliminating Errors

Imagine never experiencing a costly payroll error or omission again. With this system, you are assured complete accuracy in your payroll process. With the ability to verify one employee's paycheck or the entire payroll prior to processing, USA Payroll's evolution restores precision and removes the element of surprise from the payroll process. It even gives you the freedom to calculate, post and print manual checks at your office instantly.

Take Control

Adaptable and designed to cater to your complex payroll needs, USA Payroll's evolution is designed to automate the entire process of payroll management - from time and attendance and human resource integration to general ledger input. It is compatible with numerous accounting packages, GL and electronic time clock systems.

Right from the start you have complete control over your payroll information. With evolution your complete payroll history records are at your fingertips. You can quickly access information for reporting, analysis or management review. Print any of your payroll management reports from any period, instantly. Integrate your data with other applications with ease. USA Payroll gives you the power to stay in control.
You'll feel confident using evolution. With helpful and guiding tools at your disposal, you'll master it quickly. The flow of employee data input is intuitive and logical while the table driven and advanced windows make the navigation a snap.

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