“I have interacted with USA Payroll since March 2000. Seventeen years can go by pretty quickly when you are working with an organization that never hiccups!”

“I had worked with the ‘big’ payroll companies before being introduced to USA Payroll and thought I needed them for their breadth and depth of services. I had no idea how wrong that mindset was. Fortunately, my boss knew the value of USA Payroll and wouldn’t consider letting me replace them – and it wasn’t long before I understood why.

In 2003, USA Payroll might not have had as many clients or team members as the ‘big’ guys but they offered the same breadth and depth of services and something else. Something the big guys simply didn’t have. USA Payroll had people who cared, who were committed to excellence, who wanted to make sure I was taken care of. In 17 years, I’ve never once felt that my needs, or issues – or even my self-inflicted problems – were an intrusion. In fact, it was just the opposite.

You see, everyone at USA Payroll intends to make my job easier, the outcome successful, and that I know without a doubt that I have every element of support I need to do my job.

It’s all about relationship. It’s about not being a number. It’s about people helping people. It’s about creating a culture that reflects the value of each person and what they contribute. In 17 years, you would expect that I might have had many ‘payroll specialists’. Nope! I think I’ve had three. Why? Because the folks at USA Payroll join the organization because of its culture and stay because they believe in what they do.

I stay because of the people, because of the relationship, and because I know I work with the biggest and the best payroll provider there is!”

October 12, 2017
Edward A. Hanchett
Executive Vice President & Founder
equaTEK Interactive, Inc.