Our TPA Services include complete retirement plan consulting and administration to support your organization.

Third Party Administrator
(TPA) Services

Enjoy the convenience of streamlined 401k Services and
Payroll Services with USA Payroll.

By using USA Payroll for your payroll and 401k TPA Services you will benefit from the following:
  • Preparation of Volume Submitter Adoption Agreement, Summary Plan Description (SPD) and all required notices and forms
  • Determination of Employees Eligible to Participate
  • Determination of Vesting Service
  • Submission of contributions per pay period
  • Preparation of Annual Trust Accounting
  • Calculation of Employer Matching Contributions
  • Calculation of Employer Profit Sharing Contribution using various allocation methods: Pro-Rata, Integrated with Social Security Wages and New Comparability based on groups, age and/or service
  • Annual Compliance Testing, ADP/ACP, Top Heavy, 402(g), 404 deductibility, 401(1)(a)(4) general non-discrimination, 410(b), 414(s), and 415
  • Coordination of Annual Compliance Testing when there is a second employer plan
  • Preparation of Annual IRS Filing 5500-SF and 5500 as well as assistance with large plan audit
  • Distribution Processing, to include terminations, in-service, hardship, and age 70 RMDs
  • Loan Processing

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